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fringe + pom christmas tree skirt

fringe + pom christmas tree skirt

well, i didn’t anticipate making this a blog post but c’est la vie. this is what you call a matter of perfect happenstance. i needed a new tree skirt. so i pulled out my second hand sewing machine (that jimmy found for me practically in the dumpster with a post-it note saying “still works”) and whipped one up! and now here i am, with the help of my super talented photog friend, juliana, who came over and documented my process. and as usual, it was some ungodly inexpensive amount for all the supplies. ok, so onto the good stuff.

here’s what you’ll need:

1.5/2 feet of natural cotton quilt batting (or as an alternative, you can use heavy, thicker ivory felt. but i liked the more natural color of this and also the bolt was larger so i bought less.)

4 feet of ivory tassel trim

4 feet of natural ball fringe or pom trim

1 foot of cotton twill tape

a sewing machine or

a hot glue gun/glue


step one: cut your material into two squares the same size. then, fold one of the squares again twice, making an even smaller square. (basically, you fold the square once, and then fold again) attach the string to a pencil, hold the string on the inside corner and draw an arch from one side to the other, utilizing as much of the material as possible. do the same thing in the middle. measure the string in the middle about 3 inches or less, and draw another arch from each side. cut around both of the arches and unfold. this is your first circle with a small hole in the middle. place on top of your other piece of material and trace around it to make the two pieces the exact same.

next, starting in the middle of both circles, cut a straight line from the hole to the outside. this is the opening of your tree skirt. start pinning your fringe trim along the outside of one of your circles. sew on the fringe using your machine. (or you could hot glue!)

on that same piece you just fringed out, fold over, pin and create small hem of each side of your skirt. also, pin your cotton twill tape in three different spots along that edge. make sure they line up on each side so that it will tie properly. sew these on. (or hot glue)

repeat the part above where I said to pin/create a hem on your other circle of material. the hems should line up ultimately so make sure your hems are the same length. sew. then, pin both circles together and sew a hem all the way around both of the edges to complete the construction of your tree skirt. you don’t have to sew anything inside out because the trim covers the hems.

this is where you pull out your hot glue gun (if you already haven’t) and glue your pom trim around the inside of the skirt.


so there you have it! so simple and so cheap! if you don’t have a machine, don’t even stress! you can follow all steps using the magical and amazing hot glue gun. (which I did last year, except I just made a simple skirt using felt and that pom trim - there was no way I was pulling out a pesky sewing machine 9 mos. pregnant - but my poor angel tate threw up on it, so this year, I ripped off the unaffected pom trim and reused it on this one!) I also happened to find an almost exact replica of this skirt when I was making it on the Anthropologie website for ninety-eight bucks (that’s right) and when I went back just now to screenshot it for y’all and post on here, it is unbelievably sold out. so, there you go. you could now be a tree skirt maker and have a huge profit margin on this unbelievably cheap and cute skirt! we are all in this together, you do you, boo!

thanks for listening! to this post and whichever other ones you may have stuck around for.

I appreciate you.

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