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pickled turmeric deviled eggs // a kitschy Christmas

pickled turmeric deviled eggs // a kitschy Christmas

I have had the good fortune of collabing with a group of ladies this year that have really kept me accountable and forced me to complete tasks outside of my comfort zone in a timely manner. as y’all all probably know by now, my best passion project started in january of 2018 with my son, but this year, for the first time, i’ve been busy helping create and produce themed/styled shoots with some super creative gals that have been super inspired, fun and educational.

this shoot we really went out with a bang! julianna has been very inspired by vintage 50’s holiday tablescapes and recipes from old magazines, and dreamed up this shoot idea. so, we took a creative spin on this concept and modernized it with a pop of color (hi, pink!) and some old school recipes that adopted a fun and new twist. we all brought different artifacts, antiques and serving dishes to style the table. it turned out so fun and festive! the actual dishes were so tasty and what vintage spread is complete without a jello mold or two? julianna killed it and is further known as the jello mold mistress of west adams. check out her post about it right here! natasha is our resident chef who created this insane edible spread, including an authentic prime rib roast straight out of an vintage cookbook. she food styled all the dishes to perfection (I mean, those perf peas? the mashed p’s?? she’s got an amazing tip for making the creamiest and tastiest mashed potatoes on her instagram) check out her amazing stuff here. and as always, juliana is always capturing our best angles with her amazing photog skills. she brought our colorful technicolor 50’s holiday dreams to life! (talk about the dream team!)

as my contribution, i intended on using my new found pastry school skills and making a bavarian mousse from a vintage copper fish mold, as well as a savory dish to contribute because these tables of holiday past were very lavish and decadent. but, as I've newly learned this year, sometimes things don’t always turn out as planned in the kitchen (especially when attempting a recipe for the first time and also, having an infant) so, my mousse basically failed me on location. yeah, it was disappointing. it took days to construct. creating the jaconde first, then the mousse, then the mirror glaze, all to come melting down in a matter of minutes. but. all hope was not lost.

i was trying to figure out what savory dish i could contribute that is relevant to the past with a modern pop. deviled eggs, to me, seemed very days of old, and i personally love them, so i figured that would be a great addition. i really wanted to modernize them though, so i decided to focus on color. that is how i came up with this creation:


pickled turmeric deviled eggs

serving size: 12

time: 1 day, 20 mins.


6 hard boiled eggs

2 cans of pickled beets

1 squirt of mustard

3 tbsp. mayonnaise

1 dill pickle (minced)

1/4 c. pickle juice

salt + pepper

turmeric to taste

chives/sprig of parsley to garnish

a large mason jar


  1. boil your eggs for seven minutes. drain. let sit in cold water to cool. peel. (be very careful not to rip or crack any of your eggs, if you do, consider them useless.)

  2. once they are peeled, put eggs into a large mason jar. pour the juice from two cans of pickled beets into the mason jar and seal. put in fridge overnight to let the color absorb. the longer it sits in the juice, the more vibrant your color will be. a good amount of time; 24 hours.

  3. drain your eggs and cut them in half long ways. you will see that all of your eggs now have a vibrant halo of pink around them. deposit the yolks in a small bowl. add your minced pickle, pickle juice, mayo, mustard, s/p, and turmeric and mix together with a fork.

  4. how much turmeric you add is up to you! it’s a spice that can be very unassuming or very “hey, i’m here!” pipe into eggs with a ziploc bag or a piping bag with a large star tip. top with chopped chives and served best on a vintage platter from goodwill for the bargain price of $2, complete with a sprig of parsley.


i absolutely loved how these turned out, they are on theme, and they are also quite delish! i used pickle juice instead of vinegar to add even more of a pickled kick! you could also try this with other fruits for a different color (like blueberries) except you’d swap out the pickled beet juice for blueberries and water!

this shoot turned out amazing! so colorful and so fun! it totally gave us “mrs. maisel vibes” (except she’s jewish so she probably wouldn’t be celebrating christmas, but i think she would totally approve!) xo.

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