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if you're not listening to 80's music while doing crafts, you're doing it all wrong. oh, and country music while baking. always. *shrugs* that's just how i sees it.  welcome to my adventures in blogtown.


color-blocked footed planter

color-blocked footed planter

as y'all know, i am mostly interested in crafts right now that benefit my household.  mostly because, i already have an abundance of craft supplies and old crafts that takes up an entire closet and my husband may evict me if i continue to keep stashing things in there.  i have been on the search for modern planters for a while as i have a couple of plants still in their cute/chic (not!) plastic containers that they came in. of course, many of the mid-century modern style planters are out of my price range, so i have taken it upon myself to throw one together that is both cute and functional for half of the price! 

i found one at urban outfitters that is actually reasonably priced, but ended up serving as an amazing use of inspiration for me as i decided to create my take on a footed planter.

luckily, i found this awesome and cheap concrete planter at target for the bargain price of $9.99 and happened to have a box of sculpey chillin in that craft closet i mentioned earlier - as well as the industrial strength glue, painter's tape, and white acrylic paint. so, all i ended up spending was less than $10 in total on this craft and created an amazing planter! here's what you'll need to do the same:


a round concrete planter in desired size (or this one from target)

sculpey polymer clay

goop or e6000 industrial strength glue

white acrylic paint

painter's tape 

a foam paintbrush

fine grit sandpaper


1. first step, creating the planter's legs. i used my scale to weigh the clay to have the exact same amount of clay for each leg. (3 in total)  then, you roll out the clay on a flat surface to make it a tapered style.  (bigger at the top, thinner at the bottom) i did this as evenly/the same size and height as possible.  you'll bake in the oven on a parchment lined pan at 275 d. for 10-25 mins depending on how thick your legs are. (1-1.5 inches) 

2.  once cooled, sand down your legs to achieve the same height in each one.  i made 4 legs just to be on the safe side of matching three of them. i sanded down both the top and the bottom of each one with a fine grit sandpaper, not only to even them out in height but also to give both the top and bottom of the legs the flattest surface possible.

3. glue your legs onto the bottom on your circle planter.  let dry for at least 24 hours.  

4. using painter's tape, tape off about an inch up from the bottom of the planter to achieve your color-blocked look.  paint the bottom of the planter (legs included) with your foam paintbrush.  apply as many coats as necessary.  let dry in between application.  let dry completely for at least 24 hours for optimal results.

5. peel away the painters tape and enjoy probably the most gratifying moment of this experience. your planter is ready to give your houseplant a new and modern home! 

pictured above: the liv planter via  urban outfitters  (L.) my cheaper and cooler DIY version (R.)

pictured above: the liv planter via urban outfitters (L.) my cheaper and cooler DIY version (R.)

i ended up making my legs a little taller to give my pot height, but you can do whatever height you like! as you can see from above, the inspiration pot has about 2 inch legs and mine is about 3 inches.  i love the concrete look of mine as i have a lot of grey in my house, so it accents the household quite well, and it i'm obsessed with how this project basically cost me zero dollars.

it just goes to show - you never know what you may have lying around in your craft closet. not everyone is gonna have all these goods just lying around their place, but hopefully this inspires you to look around your casa and get inspired to create something with what you already may have lying around that will serve a functional purpose in your household, while spending as little cash as possible. (*hugs*)

tablescape of spooky elegance

tablescape of spooky elegance

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