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cooper's aviation themed baby shower

cooper's aviation themed baby shower

back in march, we threw my little sister the cutest little baby shower in texas celebrating my dear baby nephew - who was born in april. (sawyer is only 4 months older than little cooper - which is so stinkin' cool to have baby boy cousins so close in age!)  my brother in law is a pilot, so what better theme than an aviation themed baby shower? it was seriously so perfect - we went with paper airplane accents as opposed to vintage or modern planes to give it a unique twist. i had so much fun researching and planning this event with my family for such a special mama to be and it had so many fun and crafty elements, i just still adore it so much!


it was a very intimate shower - she only had about 10 guests there. so, we kept it pretty simple when it came to food, but it was thoughtful and delicious, nonetheless.  there's kind of a tradition in my family - we have integrated my stepmom's chicken salad sandwich recipe into most of the baby showers thrown in my family - which is a win/win because it happens to be one of my favorite things to eat in the whole wide world. it's so good, we all request it for our special occasions.  we thought it would be cool to do a take on an airplane boxed lunch.


i ordered white kraft boxes on amazon and jimmy helped me make a custom label that i just printed, cut out, and wrapped around each box with scotch tape.  the box contained a chicken salad croissant sandwich (with lettuce and tomato) and chips. (a choice of bbq or sour cream & onion)

how stinkin' adorable is this? 

so unique and so special. such a fun and funky way to serve food at a shower, and everyone got a real kick out of it.  it may have been my favorite thing that day (of all the wonderful things) and it made my heart happy to see my little sister's smile light up when she first laid eyes on them. 


the cake was from HEB. (just the best texas grocery store ever and i legit miss it on a daily basis) ideally, i would normally bake something special for occasions like this, but seeing as i had to fly in from california with a 2 mo. old newborn, i had to use my time more efficiently.  i personally love to order baked goods from certain grocery stores and jazz them up myself.  they are usually pretty tasty and inexpensive (her 6-inch, 3 layer chocolate cake with whipped icing was less than 20 bucks and it was legit delish) and as long as you tell them exactly what to do - they can usually make them as basic as possible so you can focus more on the decor - which is what i got to do. i just picked out a couple of different patterned papers, folded mini paper airplanes and glued them onto a skewer for the perfect cake topper.

side note: HEB is also amazing for flowers - which is where we got them for the adorable arrangements we threw together! grocery stores can be an amazing and easy resource for party planning! a one stop shop!

in lieu of a guestbook, we ordered a passport template from etsy and created everyone their own personalized passports. (so easy to customize - i typed in all the guest's names, nationality, date of shower) there was a spot to write in your guess for the baby's birthdate, as well as a note to mom and baby.  we even had a instax mini instant camera on hand to take passport photos. 


for decor, I had found a paper airplane garland for $26 d o l l a r s on etsy.  that's right - 20 white paper airplanes on a string for 26 bucks and that's not including shipping! that became my inspiration for the blue ombre paper airplane garland i made below for the bargain price of 5 bucks. just a little paper airplane tutorial on the interwebs, and some bakers twine to glue them onto.




the mama-to-be's favorite aspect of the shower was this little sign we got made via etsy.  it's a customizable print of an airport switchboard with all of the "destinations" that her and her husband have traveled to, as well as the dates. all I had to do is print it at kinko's and put it in a frame. so simple and oh so meaningful.

she cried when she laid eyes on it, y'all. i wish i could take full credit for it, but alas, execution is all i can get street cred for. it was my husband/my self-imposed "creative director's" idea. 

 but, if that doesn't say nailed it, I don't know what does.  such a sweet moment to witness and have any part in contributing to. 



for favors, we got these mini suitcases and filled them up with honey roasted peanuts.  wrapped a little more baker's twine around them with a wooden 'thank you' tag.  could not be more perfect. the red and white striped table runner was a just a roll of paper in the clearance section of hobby lobby for the bargain price of 3 dollars.  how stinking cute is all of this?! this theme killed me! 

this day was so special for my little sister and our family. it was so special how both sides of her family could come together and contribute. her sister in law made this adorable airplane fruit bowl out of a watermelon, but i'm bummed, i didn't get a picture of it.   

i really die over getting to create magical, special things for people i love. it is absolutely the absolute best feeling in the world.   talk about time well spent.  if i could create creative magic like this every single day, then my life would be fulfilled. 

i also feel like (especially now that I am a mom) that this is the beginning of a very long and loving relationship with party planning.

photography by the mom to be herself: tessi scott



glazed donuts

glazed donuts

strawberries and dream scones

strawberries and dream scones