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salted double chocolate chip cookies

salted double chocolate chip cookies

this summer I started a pastry program at a culinary school that is 30 weeks long. every week we focus on a certain topic.  i'm essentially learning at least 30 different types of pastry (and that's just a minimal estimate, because we often learn a bunch of different types within one category in the same class - this week we learned 3 different types of yeast breads) as a self-taught baker, youtube and the interwebs has been an amazing resource, but i'm so excited to learn the basics of all things pastry.  i wanna know the science behind things (like why room temp butter is better at times than cold butter, the difference in baked goods when using different types of fats, stuff like that.)  i hope to document something i learned in class each week here in this amazing space called "pastry school 101"  

so now that you're here, let's talk chocolate chip cookies!

i learned the basics of making a chocolate chip cookie in week 2, our cookie class.  i didn't know that a classic chocolate chip cookie recipe uses 1/2 brown and 1/2 granulated sugar. we also learned the differences in how cookies bake with more sugar, more flour, more fats, etc. chef gives you a basic chocolate chip cookie recipe and that allows you to get creative and put your own spin on it (i.e. what kind of sugar? what kind(s) of chocolate? any additives like oatmeal or toffee pieces?) another important aspect of this journey is we bake only by weight - which I feel like is some pro stuff.  i bought my first scale which means i am slowly but surely morphing into a legit pastry chef. 

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my cc cookie recipe was inspired by a couple of things. one of the best cc cookies I ever had was a salted cc cookie from christina tosi's milk bar life cookbook, so I knew I wanted to add sea salt to mine as well.  and since i like the juxtaposition of bitter and sweet, I decided to add dark and milk chocolate chips.  i feel like when you do this, every bite is different. for those of you who don't bake by weight, i have listed the ingredients in grams and cups, although by grams is the more accurate way of measuring a recipe. 

salted double chocolate chip cookies

yields: 22


180g (3/4 c) butter

100g (1/2 c) granulated sugar

200g (3/4 c) brown sugar

3 ounces (almost 2) eggs

1 tsp. vanilla extract

300g (2 c) all-purpose flour

2 tbsp corn starch

4g (1/2 tsp) baking soda  

8g (1 tsp.) of Himalayan rock salt + sea salt for sprinkling (I use Maldon.)

150g (1 c) chopped dark chocolate chips (I used these Guittard chips) 

150g (1 c) milk chocolate chips (again, I used these. same brand.)

*note: if you add anything extra, (like oatmeal or nuts) you would subtract that amount from the chocolate chips so that your additions still equal 300g (or 2 cups)


1. preheat your oven to 350 degrees f.

2. in your mixer, mix together room temp butter, both sugars, eggs and vanilla extract until combined. (i used to cream the butter first for cookies, but doing this gives them a marginally different outcome where they bake and deflate into a flatter, more crispier cookie - so i don't do that no more)

3. in another bowl, mix your dry ingredients. (flour, baking soda, salt, corn starch)

4. combine wet and dry ingredients, mix until combined.

5. pour in your chocolate chips and combine by spatula (the chocolate chips i used were two different sizes, so I chopped the milk chocolate chips to make them smaller)

6. onto a parchment lined cookie sheet, scoop dough using an ice cream scoop. (scooped all my dough first, and then flash freezed it, and then transferred balls of dough into a freezer bag for later use. this recipe can be chilled or not pre-bake)

6. bake at 350 d. for 12-15 minutes.  (i would say check them at 12 mins. all ovens cook differently - i tested this a bunch of times in my own oven, and the optimal time for me is 15 mins. also, they cook for a couple of minutes once they are resting, so keep that in mind)

7. once they are out of the oven, sprinkle sea salt flakes onto them before cooling. enjoy!

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i am obsessed with these cookies.  they are crispy on the edge and soft in the middle - the best of both worlds!  this is my favorite type of chocolate chip cookie.  oooey, gooey on the inside with a crunch in every bite! the sea salt also accentuates the sweetness of the two chocolates. ooh! it's just a magical bite!  i feel so proud to finally have created a cookie recipe of my own to have in my wheelhouse!

alrighty - thank you for stopping by and checking out week one of my pastry school journey! lucky for you, there's 28 more weeks of baking fun where this came from so stay tuned!

tune in next week for pastry school 101, week two: we learned quick breads so, here comes strawberry and cream scones! 

strawberries and dream scones

strawberries and dream scones

magnetic + modern hexagon spice rack

magnetic + modern hexagon spice rack