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magnetic + modern hexagon spice rack

magnetic + modern hexagon spice rack

lately, i've been drawn to DIY's that benefit my household.  in the past, i would do anything that interests me, but to be honest - my craft closet is getting to max capacity and should probably pare it down. oh. also - i'm on this HUGE organization kick right now - starting in my kitchen.  there happens to be this one cabinet that just irks me - it is just loaded up with a bunch of spice bottles all wonky and every time i open it, i am prepared for a spice bottle avalanche.  so, what better way to empty this cabinet by creating this amazing spice rack?

there's a company called gneiss spice that creates these beautiful hexagonal spice racks. but as you probably already know - anytime something is way out of my price range, it's a good opportunity to get creative.  and, i'm happy to report that i made a similar spice rack for a fraction of the cost, which i plan to link and break down for you as well.

another thing i like about this spice rack is that it is right in my eye sight now while cooking, so after assessing the spices, labeling the spices and bottling the spices, i am now aware of ALL the spices I have and i will not repeat buy them (which i am totally guilty of in the past - and as a result there are a couple of duplicates floating around)

so lets get started. here's what you'll need for you own spice rack:

hexagon shaped jars 

neodymium magnets

command strips 

a galvanized shingle (i found this at home depot in the roofing section for less than $1)

goop or e6000 (all purpose adhesive)

a skewer

a label maker

a cluttered spice cabinet


1. wash your jars.  there's different sizes available, i chose the smaller volume for aesthetic purposes. after your jars are dried, you'll add the magnets to the caps of your jars using your adhesive and a skewer.  i glued three on per jar. let dry for at least 24 hours. (you really could use a bunch of different types of magnets, but after doing research, neodymium magnets are some of the strongest hold, and i like that the triangle application gives you space to grab them from underneath.) 

2. in the same waiting period, apply your command strips, first to your metal panel and then the wall.  this way, the adhesive will cure before use. (the command strips i bought hold up to 16 lbs - i weighed my spice rack after completion and it was only 5.)

3. create your labels.  a gracious friend of mine lent me her p-touch embellish label maker, and I used the clear tape with black lettering.  it was fun to go through my spice cabinet and make a list of all the spices that I had in there. plus, i'm so excited how uniform its gonna look! feels good to be organized. ya'll.

3. after the magnets have dried, it's time to rid yourself of those mismatched spice bottles and fill up your jars.  you can do this either by free pouring, or making a funnel out of parchment paper.  be sure to wipe off your funnel with a dry paper towel between each fill so that you don't cross contaminate spices.

4. label your jars as you go.  this way you can keep track of what spices are what. apply to the glass side of the jar so you can see what spices are what when you need to use them.

5. now, it's time to arrange them on the metal panel!  nothing gives me more joy in life than an ombre pattern. i, of course, color coordinated mine. so, there you go!

i'm so pleased with how it turned out. it's minimalist, and modern, and it looks so clean. just the perfect pops of color. plus, it's completely customizable.  you can add as many or as little jars as you want!

lets do the breakdown: the jars ($25) + the magnets ($10) + command strips ($5) + aluminum panel ($1) = the bargain price of $41 dollars. only a fraction of the price of an already manufactured one! another idea: you could also put them on the fridge if you want to save yourself a couple of bucks or just bypass the step of the panel and the command strips.  

as amazing as it looks in my fake kitchen (*wink) i should probably show y'all how awesome it actually looks in my real kitchen! I'm so relieved to have cleared out yet another cabinet, and it actually goes perfect with the vibe of the metal backsplash. 

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