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if you're not listening to 80's music while doing crafts, you're doing it all wrong. oh, and country music while baking. always. *shrugs* that's just how i sees it.  welcome to my adventures in blogtown.


feast of fiction celebrates 1 million subscribers

feast of fiction celebrates 1 million subscribers

december 2017 was pretty much one of the coolest months of my life, both personally and professionally.  with sawyer's early arrival, i celebrated both of my babies in that month!  jimmy and i had been tentatively planning a party to celebrate the success of hitting one million subscribers, but didn't really know exactly when that would happen. so, we had been brainstorming/daydreaming ideas for it for the greater part of last year, and when we realized we were going to hit that number around early december, we decided to have a holiday party. feast of fiction's birthday also happens to be in december, so it turned out to be the perfect combo!  so here's your (belated) virtual invite to our little celebration (via photos!) 


i tend to be a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my craft, so there was a lot of work cut out for us in re-creating some of our favorite recipes from our videos for this event. i'm not gonna lie, it was extremely overwhelming to make all of these recipes from scratch AND in bulk, but i gotta say that i was so incredibly stoked to execute all the fun food and DIY aspects for this party, and i had already been envisioning it for so long that i was determined to get it done and nothing short of the vision would do. it was a baker + diy dream come true! 

the menu consisted of: los pollos hermanos chicken and meth cupcakes [breaking bad], dragon eggs [game of thrones], heart potion "sangria" [legend of zelda], the cake is not a lie [portal], a DIY donut wall with pink sprinkled donuts [the simpsons] and my all time favorite reptar bars [rugrats] as party favors for our guests. (and in case you're wondering, we made 100 reptar bars.)


the main course was probably the first party decision we made. we pretty much ordered my dream dinner: this giant 54 inch pizza from big mama's and papa's pizzeria with the words "FOF 1 MIL" written in pepperoni and olives! it was quite the statement dinner for a feat so huge! i had been dreaming about it forever.  the gold balloons were probably the second decision that was made because what party doesn't need huge gold letter balloons??


two more things that were a discussed must: a step and repeat and a donut wall.  my husband (or "creative director", as he jokingly likes to refer to himself) was clutch in assisting me in this project when it came to building the donut wall.  i had a vision and he helped me execute it perfectly. we took plywood and wooden dowels, cut them down, painted stripes on a piece of canvas, and figured out how to assemble it while figuring out how to build an awning.  since there's no shipley's in california, we adorned it instead with pink sprinkle donuts from california donuts. how stinkin' cute is it...with that white and red awning! i just die over it!  just gimme another excuse to make a donut wall!  i'm saving it for ALL the next special occasions, so it may just make many more appearances, just sayin'. 


what made our step and repeat really special was the addition of our fur children's pictures on there, who have been our support system, cheering us on from the beginnings and were helping celebrate in spirit! kiwi and tate are our everything. the official feast of fiction mascots.

our FOF crew: (L to R)  JP , yours truly,  jimmy ,  laulau ,  josh , and  andrew

our FOF crew: (L to R) JP, yours truly, jimmy, laulau, josh, and andrew


this night was just oh so special. i'm just so so thankful. big thanks to everyone who was able to make it and to everyone who has even watched one single episode of this little project we've been creating for the past 6 years. i wish i could hug ya.  it has been my pleasure to participate in something so great that has given me amazing opportunities in the career and in the relationship space of my life.  i'm so grateful and i will always be beyond appreciative for my brother (who is now one of my best friends) jimmy who brought me along on this wild ride and as always is so laid back - just letting me go buck wild on this party planning thing! just so grateful - so grateful to create all this fun stuff for this party. so grateful to watch friends and family partake and enjoy our recipes in real life. i was so pleased and SO THANKFUL (and so relieved) for how everything turned out.

oh. did i forget to mention that i was 9 months pregnant? my little guy showed up 2 weeks later! one more thing i'm thankful for is zara (where i found this amazing dress) which made this extremely pregnant person feel pretty for the evening. xo


oh! thanks to jacob quiroga for taking these sweet pics!

boho cactus cake for mother's day!

boho cactus cake for mother's day!

sawyer's texas-themed nursery

sawyer's texas-themed nursery