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travel essentials for baby

travel essentials for baby

sawyer and i recently took our first trip together on a plane back to texas to celebrate some family special occasions and mostly to meet our family in texas, who were all dying to meet him.  i was a little nervous to be flying solo with a two month old, but after two plane rides under his belt, i feel like an old seasoned pro. (ok - mostly just relieved not to be "that" mom on the plane) 

i talked to a bunch of legit pro moms and even did a facebook post asking for all advice and this is what seemed to work for me. we were pretty lightly packed - i was somehow able to pack a week's worth of stuff for two in 1 carry-on and 1 personal item. IT CAN BE DONE (insert flexing bicep muscle emoji here)  i wore him on in an ergo baby, being completely stroller-less and car seat less as well.  the articles below are some of my favorites as well as being oh so helpful in keeping my bud comfortable.  


barefoot dreams cozy infant socks: ok, this is one of my own personal favorite brands of all time.  i own a couple of BFD things (blankets, robes) and was thrilled when my sweetpea was gifted with these fuzzy socks.  this is HANDS DOWN the comfiest brand out there. everything they make is solid gold.

kickee pants coverall: this baby line is so so soft. it's very light and cool, but it also kept him completely covered. it also had the built in hand covers that you just fold over his hands, which I thought was clutch since I preferred his skin to touch as less of plane as possible in lieu of germs. 

milkbarn buck bib: i love this line. it's also super soft and the prints are so cool.  the bib was clutch for keeping his coverall clean from any residual spit up (since I was feeding him at convenience to keep his ears from popping) I also attached his pacifier clip to it.

kickee pants blanket: this blanket is made from the same material as their clothing - it's just so soft and cool. it also isn't as big as most swaddle or receiving blankets. used it to cover up during feedings, and it was great. 

pacifier clip: ok, this is the low-key clutch gift that you never knew you needed.  imagine having 14 lbs of a child strapped to you and his pacifier falls out of his mouth onto the floor?  gross! omg. that annoys me just thinking about it.  convenience is the key when flying with a child and trying to be as methodical as possible.  luckily, I didn't live this nightmare because my little sister sent us the perfect and functional gift, which also happened to super cute as well because it was personalized.

milkbarn moose burp cloths: another cool print from this line - but also super duper soft. their products are a bamboo cotton blend.  they are slim, foldable burp cloths (so it didn't take up as much room in my diaper bag) and crucial for feedings (especially my kid) and doesn't hurt they are also super cute (and available on amazon!) an amazing gift.

all of these items were either hand-me-downs from some of my favorite moms or gifts and we are so grateful.  i have become a huge fan of these kid lines though so i'm glad to familiarize myself with new brands. 

another helpful tip was to pack a large ziploc bag with a change of clothes, some wipes (in a smaller ziploc) and a diaper "in case of emergency" - that way, you lessen the amount of things you have to grab in a blow-out situation. plus, you can throw the soiled clothes in the ziploc after and it won't contaminate the rest of your stuff.

oh! all purpose surface wipes. that made me feel better about germs. I literally wiped down everything that could potentially touch us with them, at least it put some of my anxieties at ease. 

I think that about covers it.  the white noise of the plane engine luckily lulled my kid to sleep the entire time. keeping my fingers crossed for the next trip home to be just as seamless - but I'm not holding my breath. 

mini easter cakes with speckled egg nests

mini easter cakes with speckled egg nests