hi. hello. howdy.

i'm a born & raised texan who currently lives in los angeles, california with my husband jake & our sweetpea, sawyer. (new mom alert - insert siren emoji here)

i moved to california in 2010 to pursue my life-long dream of being a tv personality - having no idea where to start until fate stepped in.  

i'm a self taught baker and an avid crafter, both of which have led me down this career path. crafting is probably my number one obsession in life. my face is floating around the interwebs where you'll find me hosting various baking and do-it-yourself related youtube shows, but the most notable one is a little love called feast of fiction, which has been in circulation since 2011. (remember when I said fate stepped in - it happened right around there.)

so, here we are.

a little place in space where i will be documenting [crumb by crumb] my dreams come true: my career, my journeys in the kitchen, my crafternoons, and my sweet boy too.